Project time

5 months

Team size


Side-scroller Vector art Level editor


Adobe Flash Adobe Illustrator AS3

Cyborg Sam


Cyborg Sam is a cyborg and a samurai. When he wakes up in a laboratory, owned by the New Nazi Nation or the (NNN), he wants to escape and find the person who did this to him. In this 2D side-scrolling action game, he will face a bunch of grunts and a few bosses.

What I learned

  • I learned a lot about team work within a small team.
  • I learned to use flash and ActionScript 3.
  • I learned level loading and saving with XML.
  • I learned about grid based level design.
  • I learned to use illustrator and flash animation.
  • I improved on my programming fundamentals.

What difficulties I faced

Level creation tool

I had a lot of difficulties building the level from XML, with all the spawn points and other objects. After being stuck on this problem for a while we found out that there was an issue with the class structure: child classes tried to do things parent classes should. During this project, I improved a lot on my object-oriented programming basics.


Due to the small team size and our inexperience, we only had time to finish one level. I switched between different roles constantly to get the one level finished, from animating to level design to making a level creation tool and assisting the gameplay programming.