Robin Goemaat

Games Developer/

A jack of all trades developer who's favorite thing is to find creative solutions to difficult puzzels. And I am looking for a great team to work with and learn from.

: 06-18850650


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Hi I am Robin,

I am someone who enjoys programming and tackling challenging problems with it. I have studied as a game developer and have a very all-round skillset. I have done most parts of game development during my studies. From 2D art to 3D modeling, Procedural modeling, 2D animation, Game design, UI design, and scripting in a variety of engines and languages for all kinds of projects.

During my studies, I found that programming clicked with me, and my way of thinking, the best. Which doesn’t mean that learning all these other skills goes to waste. It gives me a great understanding of the whole process of many different parts of game development, and, in a pinch, I can make some assets, or design a level, when the team is short-handed in an area.

It also helps me with communicating ideas and problems to different team members, and, to have realistic expectations towards asset development and design since I know the work involved. I have also, in previous projects, helped with the asset import into the engine.

If you wish to work with me, you can check out my CV and contact me via email. Or, if you want to contact me in general, email will probably work best.

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